On July 4, the Pacific Islands Business Seminar was jointly held by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and PIC in JETRO’s head office.

More than 120 people participated in the seminar. Guests Federated States of Micronesia Ambassador Fritz, Fiji Ambassador Mataitoga, and Papua New Guinea Chargé d'affaires Yabon as well as Mr. Sugiura, Director of the Oceania Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attended.
After Mr. Kurosaki, the Deputy Director of PIC, started with a keynote speech, the following companies, which are successfully developing businesses in the Pacific Islands region, lectured on their experiences;
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.’s“EV charging related demonstration experiment in the Marshall Islands”, Nansei Environmental Laboratory Co., Ltd.’s“Muddy water treatment utilizing coconut fiber in Samoa” and Tachibana and Co., Ltd. as well as Adi Chocolate Fiji’s “Import and sales of chocolate products from Fiji”.

Following the lectures, the panel discussion “Business Opportunities in the Pacific Islands” was held by those lecturers and moderated by Assoc. Professor Noriyuki Segawa from Kindai University.

The Global Environment Partnership Office of Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry made a presentation about prospective climate change adaptation business.

Finally, Mr. Takada, the PIC Promotion Coordinator, outlined the business mission that is planned to be dispatched this fall considering past experiences of ones to Fiji and Samoa.

In his closing speech, PIC Director Saito, with reference to the guest speech by Director Sugiura of the Oceania Division, asked many private companies to join a business mission to the Marshall Islands for the Japan-RMI Trade and Investment Seminar, which is scheduled to be held in Majuro by the end of this year.