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What kind of organization is PIC? What are activities of PIC?

Pacific Islands Centre (PIC, South Pacific Economic Exchange Support Centre) was established on October 1, 1996, based on the Agreement Establishing The South Pacific Economic Exchange Support Centre signed between the Government of Japan and the Pacific Islands Forum. PIC aims to promote trade, investment and tourism between the Forum Island Countries (FICs) and Japan. Pacific Islands Forum (established in 1971) consists of 14 Forum countries, 2 areas (French Polynesia and New Caledonia), Australia, and New Zealand. Some of activities of PIC are listed here.

What is PALM (Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting)?

Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM) is a Summit-level meeting hosted by Japan every three years since 1997. The aim of the meeting is to foster partnerships between Pacific Island Countries and Japan.
Please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more details.

Can you conduct credit investigation on my business counterpart in Japan?

We are afraid we do not carry out credit investigation. We often receive inquiries reporting scam of car exporting businesses in Japan. We strongly recommend careful background check before purchasing cars from Japan. When you think you got scammed, please consider submitting a report to police offices or consumer support institutions in your country.

I saw web page of showing products from pacific islands. How can I post my product?

Please let us know your request via contact form. The staff will get in touch with you with instructions. We also recommend JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) ‘s TTPP (Trade Tie-Up Promotion Program) for your quick-start of product promotion for free.

When will PIC’s business mission come to our country?

PIC’s business mission is dispatched annually and details such as theme, destination and timing are dependent on the organization’s yearly plan. Information regarding the mission is announced via our website once the schedule is confirmed.

Are there any embassies of our countries in Japan?

There are 7 Embassies of Pacific Island Countries in Japan at the moment. Websites are listed in the page of links. If you look for Honorary Consulate-General, please visit the web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Are there any trade shows in Japan?

You can find major trade shows in Japan at the website of JETRO(Japan External Trade Organization). If you would like to look for other options, please send us inquiry via the contact form.

I would like to see trends in trade between Japan and other countries.

For trade between Pacific Island Countries and Japan, our statistical handbook gives numerical information on trade, investment and tourism between Pacific Island Countries and Japan. The website of Trade Statistics of Japan, Ministry of Finance provides search engine where you can see import/export of specific products between Japan and other countries including pacific islands.

I would like to export products to Japan. What are processes?

The process and preparations differ according to the kind of products you wish to export. We recommend you first look into guidance of related department in your country, to make sure your product is exportable. Japanese distributors then look into whether the product is importable, referring to Japanese regulations. English guidelines for distributors in Japan are available on the web page of MIPRO (Manufactured Imports and Investment Promotion Organization), and these might help you to get idea on points which potential distributors in Japan would consider. Please contact with us via the form so that we will support you to find relevant information.

I would like to know how to get to Japan and please let me know how to get visa.

Please refer to the information of Japan Embassy in your country. Embassies in each country are listed here.

I would like to export Kava. What are the processes?

According to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, any products containing Kava is classified as medical product, and the import of product comply with regulations medicine import. To export and sell Kava in Japan, an importer needs to have a license as well as approval from Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare or a prefectural governor in Japan.

Can I bring Kava to Japan for a personal use?

According to the Plant Quarantine, an import of Kava needs Phytosanitary Certificate issued by your country’s contact point of International Plant Protection Convention. Please check Database for importing conditions with scientific name of Kava, ‘Piper methysticum’. If you have further question, please send an inquiry to the Plant Protection Station via the English contact form.

From April 22, 2019, measures against the illegal introduction of plants have been tightened, so please carefully check the information above to avoid violation of the rule.

I would like to promote products to Japanese market. What can I expect PIC for this request? How can I find distributors in Japan?

For Online Promotion, you may post company/product information on PIC website. We also recommend Trade Tie-up Promotion Program(free) run by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).
For Offline promotion, we assist you come to Japan to attend the exhibition to meet potential distributors/importers in person.
Please get in touch with us via the contact form for more information.

I would like to know regulations on products I am about to export to Japan.

Please check HS codes for your products and check website of Japan customs. If you need assistance, please get in touch with us via the contact form.