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PIC collects and provides information on trade between the Pacific islands and Japan. PIC also offers businesses in the Pacific Islands opportunities to introduce products to Japanese markets through participation in trade-ralated events and online promotion, while assisting Japanese importers to promote products in Japan.

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~Pacific Island Countries Economic Recovery Project~ Investment Seminar “Survey Report on Pacific Island Countries and Business Development Case Study”
PIC (Pacific Islands Centre) together with PIFS (Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat) is conducting the “Pacific Island Countries Economic Recovery Project” with the support of the Japanese gover...

PIC collects and provides information on business opportunities, aiming for the creation of employment and development of local industry in the Pacific Island Countries through interactions with the Japanese private sector. PIC also holds investment promotion seminars in collaboration with investmentrelated Ministries and Institutions both in Japan and the Pacific Islands. PIC’s ‘Business Mission’, a program in which Japanese companies and organizations visit the Pacific Islands, offers participants opportunities to reinforce existing businesses or/and discover new business chances through company visits and discover new business chances through company visits and networking sessions.

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Kick-off Meeting Prior to the PNG Economic Mission
On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, PIC held a kick-off meeting (via online) with the companies participating in PNG Economic Mission to Papua New Guinea, which will be held on February 28 this month, i...

PIC strives to collect and provide information regarding tourism in the Pacific Islands. Guidebooks covering overviews of 14 countries are used on various occasions by the Embassies of the Pacific Island Countries in Japan and tourism agencies. PIC also holds continuous discussions with national tourism organizations in each country and International Organizations such as Pacific Tourism Organisation (PTO) to introduce the appeals of the beautiful Pacific

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Report: Glocal Tourism Network: The Second Thematic Subcommittee Meeting “Tourism Development by utilization of Volcano” was held
On April 24, 2024, PIC held the second thematic subcommittee session "Tourism Development by utilization of Volcanoes" (Miyakejima x Vanuatu x Samoa) at the "Glocal Tourism Network" (hereinafter "N...