On September 21, the “Fiji Trade and Investment Opportunity Seminar”, 
co-organized by JETRO, Fiji Embassy in Tokyo and PIC, was held with approximately 100 participants from domestic companies looking for new business in Fiji.
Welcome speeches by Director Sato from JETRO and the Fiji Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Mataitoga, were made, as well as a congratulatory address by the guest from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Next, Mr. Kurosaki, Deputy Director of PIC, delivered a lecture on the economic situation of Fiji, particularly focusing on business fields and hopeful developments there.
Mr. Kurosaki encouraged those in attendance to actively invest in Fiji, as business success in Fiji would not only bring about business expansion in other Pacific island countries but also lead to global development in various fields such as environment, IT, tourism, and more.
Following Mr. Kurosaki's speech, Mr. Kamal Chetty, Investment Manager from Investment Fiji, detailed the current situation of the investment environment and incentives for business in Fiji.
As an example of Japanese companies that have been growing in Fiji, Mr. Taniguchi, President of South Pacific Free Bird Co. Ltd., and Ms. Hara, President of REBULA Co. Ltd., discussed their motivations to start businesses in Fiji and the attractiveness of doing business in regard to their own experiences. Mr. Taniguchi clearly outlined his history of developing the educational field, such as language schools through his visit to Fiji. Following that, Ms. Hara demonstrated important points in introducing Fijian local organic products to the Japanese cosmetics market. At the same time, the staff of the Fijian Embassy in Tokyo introduced the “Workshop in Fiji ” to be held next spring.
At the end of the seminar, Mr. Kiji, Fiji Honorary Consul in Kanagawa, and Mr. Saito, PIC Director, gave the closing addresses. Mr. Saito explained that both the Japanese government and private sectors are making big efforts to expand business with Fiji by giving some examples such as the 2015 Fiji-Japan Trade and Investment Seminar, sponsored by both the Fijian and Japanese governments as well as the Japan Private Sector Delegation to Fiji organized by PIC. 
Although it was the first seminar and dealt with only the country of Fiji, it was successful because many participants rediscovered the charm of the country, and heightened their expectations for the workshop in Fiji next spring.