On September 28, PIC hosted Tonga Tourism Seminar mainly for tourism-related people. In the seminar, Mr. Kurosaki, PIC Deputy Director, explained about recent trends of the tourism in the Pacific Island countries, and Ms. Melesungu Pule and Ms. Simata-e-laa Palu,officers of Tonga Tourism Ministry, who worked as interns in PIC at that time,  made the presentation on the tourism in Tonga. In the social gathering party after the seminar, all attendants enjoyed themselves with the Tonga food "Lo’i Feke" using octopus and coconut milk. 
Although it was a small seminar of about 30 people, those participants made such favorable comments as “It is very good occasion because there is plenty time to speak with lecturers at the social gathering”. 
From now on PIC will plan to hold such seminars about trade and investment on a scale that will allow participants to fully exchange opinions with each other.