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Report: Glocal Tourism Network: The Second Seminar, “Tourism Promotion Using Drone Technology” was held

On February 8, 2024, PIC held the second seminar “Tourism Promotion Using Drone Technology” at the Glocal Tourism Network (the “Network”), which was jointly established with Kaihatsu Management Consulting Inc.
(Number of registrations: 64)
(*For more information on the “Network”, please click here)

The theme of this seminar is “Utilization of Drones”. Drones are used not only for filming, but also for transportation, agriculture, and inspection work, and are becoming one of the very important technologies in island countries and remote islands. Mr. Yokota, a leading drone photographer who has been developing a project to revitalize local tourism by using drones to film cherry blossoms all over Japan in cooperation with local governments, took the stage to share how to utilize the filmed images and how to brand and market tourist attractions using case examples. It was a very informative presentation, with future issues such as the necessity of establishing rules in each country for drone filming.

In the latter half of the seminar, participants asked many questions and engaged in a very lively exchange of opinions.

Date 8 February (Thu), 2024
Time 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (JST)
Type Online-based (Zoom)
Language Japanese and English (Consecutive translation available)
Program 1) Introduction (the purpose of the seminar and key points)
2) Opening remarks
3) Presentation on “Tourism Promotion Using Drone Technology”
4) Q&A
5) Closing (announcement for the next seminar)
Biography Mr. Atsushi Yokota (CEO of DRONE ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd.)

-Nominated Former Representative of Japan in Drone Racing.
-Won Second Place at Asia Drone Championships 2018 in Singapore.
-Produced More than 500 drones (As of January 2024).

He works with private companies and local governments to shoot and consult on tourism promotional videos, including a video of a large flock of whales at close range with the Tokashiki Tourism Association in Okinawa Prefecture. Beyond that, he succeeded in filming wild animals at 8K video shooting in Tanzania.

Work examples:
8K FPV Sooting Wild Animals in Africa
Discover the Hidden Beauty of Sakura in Japan’s 47 Prefectures