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Report: PIC presents online seminar “Pacific Islands Journey” ~Kiribati~

PIC organized an online seminar “Pacific Islands Journey ~ Kiribati ~” with more than 85 registrations on 23 August 2023.

Followed by the opening remarks by Mr. Saito, PIC Director, Tourism Authority of Kiribati, JICA Kiribati Field Office and Narita Airport Business Co., Ltd. gave presentations on their activities and attractiveness. The participants also answered questions that had been asked in advance, providing an opportunity to deepen the understanding of the Republic of Kiribati.

Please refer to the seminar programs outline as follows.

The recorded video is also available for one month (until the end of September) for those who could not attend the seminar on the day. Please click here(Passcode:8!e%?1@f).


Opening remarks (Language: Japanese) Mr. Ryuzo Saito, Director, Pacific Islands Centre
Presentation 1 “Attractiveness of Kiribati as tourist destination”PDF
Mr. Petero Manufolau
Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Authority of Kiribati
Presentaion 2 ”JICA’s efforts and challenges in Kiribati.”PDF)(Japanese only)
Mr. Nobuaki Matsui, JICA Kiribati Field Office
Presentation 3 “Recruitment from the Republic of Kiribati”PDF
Mr. Minoru Kariya, President of Narita Airport Business Co., Ltd.