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Report: Webinar with PHAMA Plus

On 19th of August 2021, PIC co-hosted webinar with PHAMA Plus(URL:, the organization which promotes trade and investment for produces mainly from Pacific Island Countries.
The webinar was held for the organizations and private sectors of Pacific Island Countries with the purpose of expansion of produce’s export from the Island Countries to Japan.

PIC, as a presenter, gave a lecture about the overview of Japanese market, challenges and questionable points in realizing export business to Japan and how to obtain the necessary information in the context of trading. Q&A session attracted a lot of question about importing of kava and demand of taro and noni mainly from Pacific Island Countries.

In the latter part of the seminar, explanation about import situation of cacao(chocolate) and coffee beans that currently get exposure in the Japanese market. PIC has been making an effort in promoting the products of Pacific Island Countries such as coffee beans and cacao(chocolate) to the Japanese market through the participation in FOODEX JAPAN and others. Thus, PIC encouraged Pacific Island Countries to proactively get involved in those exhibitions if there are any good opportunities.

This seminar has opened up continuous collaboration between PIC and PHAMA Plus. PIC makes every effort in obtaining the latest information about produce of Pacific Island Countries and continuously supports initiatives by those countries to expand the sales channels to the Japanese market.