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A student from the Solomon Islands joined PIC as an intern

PIC welcomed Mr. Eldine Devesi, a Master’s student at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) as an intern from October 27th to 31st, 2020. He started his study as a participant of JICA’S Pacific-LEADS (Pacific Leaders’ Educational Assistance for Development of State), after working in the field of Trade and Tourism as a government official.
This time Mr. Eldine mainly engaged himself in preparation for PIC’s participation at the Tourism Expo in Okinawa. In addition to this, for further perspectives of promotion of trade and tourism between the Pacific Island Countries and Japan, we have visited to Kyowa Shipping Ltd., the Solomon Islands Tourism Office in Japan and conducted the online meeting with Mr. Shiozawa, Senior Program Officer, Pacific Island Nations Program at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. In terms of tourism marketing study, we did short sightseeing in main tourist sites in Tokyo. We wish all the best to you, Eldine!

〈Comments from Mr. Eldine Devesi 〉
The internship involved several different tasks because it was hosted in two separate locations in Tokyo and Okinawa which was highly beneficial to me.
In terms of knowledge, I learnt of the roles of different organisations promoting the Pacific Islands as a tourism destination for Japanese tourists. I also experienced the several tourism attractions in Japan which is relevant to understand how these are maintained and managed. Attending the Tourism Expo was significant in learn the skill of promoting tourist destinations during such events. Overall, the internship experience was valuable and relevant to both my field of studies and profession.
In future, the professional networks formed will be pivotal in collaborating tourism promotion of Solomon Islands. Through this internship, understanding the market trends of Japanese otubound tourists will be useful when designing tourism products and services in Solomon Islands targeting Japanese tourists. 
There was relatively no diffculties faced during internship despite the cultural differences of Japan to Solomon Islands. The busines/professional etiquette of Japan is of a very respectful manner during professional settings which was well observed. The only notably difficulty was travelling in public transportation in the larger cities of Japan was overwhelming at times.
The internship was very fulfilling and professionally arranged despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
Photos(from Left):PIC, Kyowa Shipping, The Solomon Islands Tourism Office in Japan