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The 50th anniversary of Tonga-Japan Diplomatic Relationship “Tonga online business seminar”

On Friday, November 20th, PIC (Pacific Islands Centre, International Organization) will hold a Tonga online business seminar entitled “Relationship between the Kingdom of Tonga and Japan and future challenges after Covid-19 ” in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomacy between Tonga and Japan.

Last year, PIC was focused on the connection between Tonga and Japan in rugby.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomacy relationship. In this occasion, it is important to look back on the history of two countries and see and realize different aspect from other pacific island nations.

For the Kingdom of Tonga, the year of 2020 is affected by the cyclone Harold and the global pandemic Covid-19, and the distribution of people and goods is currently interrupted and economic damage continues to be severe. PIC would like to hold a seminar as part of the project to support Tonga and help expand the business.

Seminar outline:

Date: 20 November 2020 (Fri)
Time: 14:00-15:15(JPN time) / 18:00-19:15 (Tonga time)
Format: Online seminar (ZOOM)
Organized by: Pacific Islands Centre (PIC)
Supported by: Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga in Japan
Language: English / Japanese (No interpreter)
Participation: Free of charge
To join the seminar, register from here 
For your registration, please refer this
Application deadline: 12:00 PM (JPN Time) on 20 November 2020


Program (JPN time) (Tonga time: +4)

14:00-14:02  Opening remarks (Language: English)
                      HE Dr. T. Suka MANGISI, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Tonga to Japan

14:02-14:12  Presentation 1 (Language: Japanese)
                      “The bond between the Kingdom of Tonga and Japan from the perspective of history”
                       Mr. Takuya Kitahara, Waseda Univ.

14:12-14:17  Introduction of PIC’s activities (Language: Japanese)
                      Ms. Yukie Matsui, Trade Officer, PIC

14:17-14:27  Presentation 2(Language: English)
                      “Trade and Investment Opportunities in Tonga”
                      Mrs. Distaquaine Tu’ihalamaka
                      CEO for Ministry of Trade and Economic Development

14:27-14:37  Presentation 3(Language: English)
                      “The current situation and future challenge in context of Covid-19”
                      Mr. Paula Taumoepeau
                      President, The Tonga Chamber of Commerce and Industry

14:37-14:47  Presentation 4 (Fishery Sector) (Language: English)
                      “Current fishery situation and future opportunities in Tonga-a Fisher’s Perspective”
                      Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Rosemarie Palu
                      Atlantis Fisheries Pty Ltd (trading as Pacific Sunrise Fishing)

14:47-14:57  Presentation 5 (Agriculture sector) (Language: English)
                      “Efforts and approach to bring Tongan squash into the Japanese market”
                      Mr. Uatesoni Namoa
                      CEO, VNF Trading Ltd

14:57-15:10 Q&A
                    (participants can send their Qs if any by pressing Q&A bottom at the Zoom screen)
                    (Due to the time limitation, we can’t provide whole answer, however PIC will gather all Qs and place
                     all answers on the PIC website after the seminar)

15:10-15:15  Announcement and request from Tonga (Language: English/Japanese)
                      “Bus Project for Tonga College”
                      Mr. Takai Palei, Yokokawa solution Services Corporation

15:15            Closing (Language: Japanese)
                      Mr. Ryuzo Saito, Director, Pacific Islands Centre