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Report :FOODEX JAPAN 2023

PIC set up a booth independently at the FOODEX JAPAN 2023 (The 48th International Food and Beverage Exposition) which is one of the largest food-related expositions in Asia.
PIC utilized online tools including virtual exhibition system to promote products and businesses in the Pacific.
This year, 3 volunteers from the Pacific Islands (Solomon Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea) and 3 Japanese volunteers and interns with a variety of careers and experience in the Pacific Islands supported PIC booth.
The exhibition had recorded 74,000 visitors, which more than doubled from the FOODEX in 2022. PIC booth welcomed many visitors and exchanged information on not only products but also on business opportunities in various sectors in the Pacific Island Countries. In addition, the Ambassador of Fiji in Japan visited the PIC’s booth, showing the high level of interest from people related to FICs in this exhibition. During 4 days of the exhibition, all participating companies got new contacts and business inquiries regarding the export to the Japanese market.

The exhibitors were as below.

1. Island Style Peanut Butter (Fiji, Peanut butter)
2. Fiji Time Japan(Fiji,Cracker, beer etc.)
4. Niue Honey Company Ltd(Niue,Honey)
5. Venui Vanilla Company Limited(Vanuatu, Vanilla beans etc.)
6. GOD Valley Coffee Roastery(Solomon Islands, Cacao)