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The Sustainable Glocal (Global + Local) Tourism Platform for Pacific Islands & Japan “Second Meet-Up” was held

On March 1, PIC held the “Second Meet-up”, a trial version of the “The Sustainable Glocal Tourism Platform (PF)※” jointly with Kaihatsu Management Consulting Inc. via zoom.

Following the first meet-up meeting held in last Nov., the second meet-up was also a place for a lively exchange of opinions while taking up the several issues related to tourism industry facing both Japan and the Pacific Island countries.

By repeating trial and error toward full-scale operation, we would like to establish a place for information exchange that will be useful for ideas and measures that will benefit the tourism industry on both Japan and the Pacific Island countries, and ultimately focus on creating a big wave that includes people-to-people exchanges.

If you are interested in the PF, please contact PIC ( or Kaihatsu Management Consulting, Inc. (

※ What is ”The Sustainable Glocal Tourism Platform for Pacific Islands & Japan (PF) “?
“Sustainable Glocal Tourism Platform (PF)” has been established as a “place” to learn from each other about initiatives and examples that take advantage of the characteristics of Pacific Island countries and Japan (mainly island regions).
Tourism industry in Pacific Island countries and Japan, which have been hit by COVID-19 since the end of 2019, is now working to recover quickly, and it is required to improve the sustainability and resilience of the tourism industry taking into account the risks such as pandemics that are expected to continue in the future. In light of this situation, the PF was established in order to share the experience and knowledge necessary for sustainable tourism development and strengthening resilience.
This PF is not limited to public institutions (ministries, local governments, international organizations, etc.) but also to private sector (travel, accommodation, food and beverage, distribution, wholesale/retail, etc.) are also expected to participate. Participants learn from each other in a flat manner, respecting each other’s positions, and bring back the results. It is expected to be utilized in each activity.