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PIC presents online seminar “Pacific Islands Journey” ~Republic of the Marshall Islands~

On May 20 (FRI), the International Organization Pacific Islands Center will hold a seminar entitled “Pacific Islands Journey ~ Republic of the Marshall Islands ~”.

As you already know, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) was placed under the administration of Japan as a mandate for about 30 years from 1914. Many elderly people are fluent in Japanese, and Japanese is translated into the local language. Due to the historical background, there are many Nikkei who are active in the fields of politics and economy and it is also knows as a friendly country that supports Japan’s activities and efforts in the international community. In addition, it is a beautiful island country that is said to be a “pearl necklace floating in the Pacific Ocean”, and there are many diving and snorkeling spots known to divers around the world, and the beauty of the sea such as coral reefs and tropical is said to be one of the best in the world.

In this online seminar, JICA Marshall Island will introduce general information and their activities in RMI, and the attractiveness of RMI as a tourist destination will be lectured by Japanese company in Majuro. Also, Marshall Island government officials will talk about trade and investment opportunities.

Seminar outline:

Date 20 May 2022 (FRI)
Time    14:00-15:30 (JPN time)
Format Online seminar (ZOOM)
Organized by Pacific Islands Centre (PIC)
Supported by Embassy of Republic of the Marshall Island to Japan
Language English / Japanese (No interpreter)
Participation Free of charge
To join the seminar, register from here 
You can change the language settings at the bottom of the form.
Application deadline 12:00 PM (JPN Time) on 20 May 2022

<Program>JPN time
*Note: Speakers/presentation titles are subject to change without prior notice

14:00-14:02 Opening remarks (Language: English)
HE Mr. Alexander C. Bing
Ambassador of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to Japan
14:02-14:15 Presentation 1: “RMI country brief and JICA‘s activities”(Japanese)
Mr. Hikoyuki UKAI, Resident Representative, JICA Marshall Islands Office
14:15-14:25 Presentation 2: ”Activities of OCIT, investment and trade in the RMI”(Eng.)
Mr. Jukulius Niedenthal
Assistant Manager, Investment Promotion Business Development
Ms. Anastasia Dujmovic
Marketing & Public Relations Officer

Office of Commerce, Investment & Tourism (OCIT)
14:25-14:35 Presentation 3:“Attractiveness and culture of the RMI(Japanese)
Mr. Kosuke Sato, Marshalls Japan Construction Company(MJCC)
14:35-14:45 Presentation4: “Current status of fishery sector”(Eng.)
Ms. Florence T. Edwards
Deputy Director, Coastal and Community Affairs,
Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA)
14:45-14:50 Q&A
(participants can send their Qs if any by pressing Q&A bottom at the Zoom screen)
(Due to the time limitation, we can’t provide whole answer, however PIC will gather all Qs and place all answers on the PIC website after the seminar)
15:50 Closing (Language: Japanese)
Mr. Ryuzo Saito, Director, Pacific Islands Centre