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PNG Indigenous Handicrafts is made up of women, girls and men involved in handmade handicrafts in the rural communities in the highlands region, they are promoting Cultural handmade handicrafts for global market Export. We are basically improving our livelihood for better education, medical service, school fees and basic clothing and stationaries in the rural settings in PNG. When you buy, you know that the income goes straight into a women, children and men’s livelihood improvement in rural communities in the Highlands Provinces.

Handmade Handicrafts
( PNG Bilum Bags) in Wool and Bush Twine rope
Cane Baskets ( food Trays, Launder Baskets, Paper Trays etc)
Jewelries ( Necklaces, Ear Rings)
Country Flag Bilum/Handbags
Country Flag Carpets, Bags and Jewelries


原産国 パプアニューギニア
企業名 PNG Indigenous Handicrafts subsidiary of PNG Highlands Adventures
TEL +675 70468746
所在地 Sec 10, Lot 44, Kama Red Corner, P O BOX 611, GOROKA, Eastern Highlands Province PAPUA NEW GUINEA
代表者名 WeminLiza Gonapa
担当者名 Jenny Wal Gonapa