The beans of SineYongo Coffee are sourced from Mountain Ranges and valleys of Laswara in the Tabare area of Sinasina-Yonggomugl District including Chuave and Gumine Districts in Simbu Province.

The SineYongo Coffee promote niche market in terms of its Dry Roast, Medium Roast, Roasted Beans Packaging and Green Beans. The picking, fermenting and drying aspects involve Women and Children who ensure the product is of high quality which is evident when one drinks from it. In fact it is grown among food gardens and natural vegetation which are organically grown and it is therefore it is 100% organically grown.

The SineYongo Coffee promotes sustainability of the livelihood of people living in that area. Therefore when one buys and drinks this coffee, remember, it goes a long way to supports socio-economic development benefiting and securing the future of women and children in Education and secures good health of mothers who continue to live harmoniously with the environment. SineYongo coffee is the brainchild of a High School Student who perceives the dire need of less fortunate children and this becomes his vision to provide them with a hope in pursuit of their education to secure a bright future.


原産国 パプアニューギニア
企業名 Sine Yongo Coffee ( Subsidiary of PNG Highlands Adventures)
TEL +675 70468746
所在地 Sine Yongo Coffee C/O PNG Highlands Adventures Sec 10, Lot 44, Kama Red Corner, P O BOX 611, GOROKA, Eastern Highlands Province PAPUA NEW GUINEA
代表者名 Hawking Gonapa
担当者名 Jenny Wal Gonapa