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酒類(Liqueurs & Spirits)

商品のコンセプト:100% Vanuatu Made-No additives
主な原材料、原産地: Our liqueurs & spirits are produced from local fruits &crops. We purchase all our raw materials from the local communities from Port Vila but also from the outerislands depending on our needs. We can buy Vanilla Beans from Tanna Island, or Mangoes from Malekula Island. Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands so a lotto provide for our products.

保存方法:Keep it in a cool area protected from the sunlight
賞味期限:No expiry date
納期:30-60 days from order confirmation

Vanuatu Craft Association has been created in July 2018. Our concept is to produce quality products from local raw materials (fruits, vegetables, crops) with no additives and supplied by local communities. As a startup, we are always looking to move forward and today, we are really interested in the export market. Our aim is to promote our products and “savoir faire” but also present to the world what a small archipelago like Vanuatu can provide.


原産国 バヌアツ
企業名 Vanuatu Craft Association Ltd
TEL +6785588500
所在地 1 Mele Rd, Tagabe Roundabout, Po Box 169 Port Vila
Email Nathalie Lamoureux Manager:
代表者名 Hervé Michel General Director
従業員数 5

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