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Stories behind our creations, most our buyers prefer the pieces made out of phosphate rock. They claim they are unique. Nauru is known for its only industry, the phosphate.

We Nauruan like that our phosphate has contributed feeding the world in the past century. Phosphate was used by farmers in the 20th century contributing to food security and nutrients for crops cattle and sheep.

21st century, the phosphate industry is edging towards depletion. The left over phosphate rocks and related materials will soon be Nauru’s phosphate era. Nauru is so tiny these materials become less abundant making them rare items.

Panagiona Creations is only niche business using the materials, turning them into jewelry.

Panagiona Creations started as a hobby in 2009, creating small gifts for friends and family. The pieces soon became known throughout the island due to coconut wireless. Visitors to the island soon heard about Panagiona Creations and orders were placed for them to take back home as gifts and souvenirs.

As our tools were not sophisticated we chose to stay unknown with no real push for sudden growth. We were afraid we might not be able to meet the sudden demand in production. We were slowly gathering funds to buy better tools with the intention to grow but, with a big family and children going overseas furthering their education, the funds only helped catch up with family's needs.
Over the years our products have improved in quality. We now have a rotating hand grinder giving us a much quicker and shinier result compared to when we would be polishing by hand. Working with diamond-tipped tools has helped to bring out the hidden qualities of the rock we use. Rubbing the finished products against your skin or just touching them gives you an uncanny distinctly soothing feeling. It doesn’t matter which part of you is touching the piece, a separate strange feeling is thought to be felt, flowing through your body, touching your heart simultaneously reaches your brain as if it is directly massaging your very inner soul. Others tend to think there are spiritual effects when good things happen in their lives. All in all, the pieces seem to always be communicating with you telepathically. At times, you’d think “The rock chose you and not vice-versa”.


原産国 ナウル
企業名 Panagiona Creations
TEL 674-556-9365
代表者名 Mrs. Agnes Mata Denuga

The ‘Map-of-Nauru’ (Naoero) shape is currently our most popular best selling item. Generally because of Nauru’s background and history with its phosphate industry, the rock pieces shaped into the island’s shape are highly sought after by locals and visitors.
This shape can be made into various sizes for necklaces with matching earrings as a set on request sold at one price plus extra should the customer request; the name “Nauru” comes free with the piece. We make larger units as Paper Weights or Mantle Pieces upwards with larger sizes or harder to find rocks.

As part of Nauruan history, “Petabio” is a shape the older generation use to catch Frigate bird as one of the skilled sport of their era. These objects were originally chipped from rocks which naturally occurring hole at one end of it. They would slowly bang this rock with a stronger rock to get it as near aerodynamic shape and attach a long string made from coconut fiber. The long string is wound neatly in a coil and is held in one hand and the other end which is attached to the Petabio is twirled or spun around in the other hand to gain momentum. When it has reached enough revolutions, they would aim their target just in front of the bird’s flying path as it approaches. With practice, the skill shows how much accuracy is in the aim. With perfect timing, the petabio must be hurled at a precise distance, seconds in front of one of the wing span so as not to spook the bird which might reel quickly and avoid capture. The petabio is usually allowed to over shoot the bird at least a meter higher than the bird’s height. The Shooter then snaps hold of the moving string from the coil from the other hand. This jerks the petabio backwards and by that time the bird would have reached the crossing point and the petabio would drop behind the wing span that was aimed at, to twirl around the wing. This brings down the bird without hurting it. The men would keep and feed that bird in a cage until it is tame and let it out again with an identifying marking on the wings. This bird learns its new role, free to fly as it pleases, learning from previously a tamed birds; they would go out, find new unmarked birds to bring back home. Home is where food is always available and readymade roosting places to rest at night.
The sport is catching frigate birds and requires timing skills in using the petabio. Groups from other districts compete in the race of catching this species and they became experts in identifying each bird.

12 tribe star
This twelve pointed star represents the 12 tribes of Nauru. This star is also seen on the flag of Nauru which is a blue flag with a yellow stripe that runs through the middle horizontally representing the equator and just underneath it is theà12 pointed star, marking the islands position in the Blue Pacific Ocean.
Tribe names and their meanings
1)Deiboi: Small Black Fish, Moody, Cheater, Erratic behavior
2)Eamwidura: Dragonfly
3)Eamwit: Snake, Eel, Sly, Slippery, Good at lying, Copier of styles
4)Eamwitmwit: Cricket, Insect, Vain, Beautiful, Tidiness with a shrill noise and manner
5)Eano: Straight forward, Mad, Eager
6)Eaoru: Destroyer, Harms plans, Jealous type
7)Emangum: Player, Actor
8)Emea: User of rake, Slave, Healthy beautiful hair, Cheat in friendship
9)Irutsi: Cannibalism (Extinct)
10)Iruwa: Stranger, Foreigner, Person from other countries, intelligent, Beautiful, Masculine
11)Iwi: Lice (Extinct)
12)Ranibok,: Objects washed ashore


Custom-made Sail boat or yacht “Sea Lion”

This is a 3D figure created as per request by one of our visitors returning home after completing her term of service on Nauru with the Regional Processing Centre. It was a gift to her father.
With Custom-made pieces the prices vary due to difficulty, large sizes, and harder to find rocks. 
The art of creating items that are the choice or idea of the buyer who wish to offer the piece as a gift always entails a strong feeling from picking the rock to create from it, to the finishing touches.
Successful creations always have triple joy. The creator, when the face of the buyer lights up in satisfaction. The buyer when the recipient of the special gift not only receives the unique creation, but also understands the thought and craftsmanship behind it.